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Black Slate Downstairs Floor in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Black slate T Wells #3.jpg

I was called to an immaculately clean and tidy house in Tunbridge Wells.

The whole downstairs was bedecked with a black slate and despite their best efforts, the floors had lost their lustre.

The owners left us with the keys and went on holiday for a long weekend.

It was not lost on us that he was a karate instructor and a light joke was made as they were leaving of the ramifications if the floor did not come up to their standards!

The grout lines were first cleaned - this was hands and knees work for two of us and three hours later, we were quite happy that that part of the job was done!

The same cleaner used to clean the grout lines was then applied to the floor which was then buffer-scrubbed using a medium coarse, 17" soft diamond pad.

Black slate T Wells #1.jpg

The next day we returned and after testing the moisture levels in the tiles, and happy they were dry enough, we set about sealing the floor.

I opted to use a topical sealer with a colour intensifier that gave the tiles a low sheen.

Three coats were needed giving the lovely deep black and sharp look to the floors.

The owners must have been happy upon their return as they got me back later that summer to restore their slate patio (they liked slate!).

slate #2.png
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