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Clean & Seal of Green Slate Kitchen Floor in Sevenoaks, Kent


Spacious semi-detached house in Sevenoaks that had a dull-looking green slate floor.

The tiles had not been sealed in years and with losing their sheen, they had also picked up stains and marks.

I was tasked with bringing the floor back to its former glory!

Green slate #1 after.jpg

Then, the grout lines were cleaned with a powerful alkaline cleaner and the same cleaner was used to buffer-scrub the tiles using a medium coarse, 17" soft diamond pad.

The floor was left to dry overnight.

The next day, I returned and tested the moisture levels in the tiles.

Slate isn't as porous as many other natural stones but it still pays to be cautious! Satisfied they were dry enough, I set about sealing the floor.

I put down a base coat of an impregnator sealer with a colour intensifier, allowed it to dry then put 5 coats of a topical sealer with a colour intensifier that gave the tiles a high shine.

I don't think the customers were expecting such an improvement to their floor.

It's always nice to exceed expectations!

Green slate #1 before & after.jpg
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