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Porcelain Shower with Heavy Limescale in Tunbridge Wells, Kent


I was called to a modern house in Tunbridge Wells whose en-suite shower room had a heavy build up of limescale from the very hard water in their area.

They had tried various domestic products but nothing seemed to have a full effect.

After performing some tests as to which of our many systems worked best, we went away and put together a quote for the job.

Shortly afterwards, the customer came back and said he was happy with the quote and would like to proceed.

We booked in a time and date.

This was a fairly straight forward job. An acid wash had proved more effective that an acid gel and the wash was scrubbed in with a 6" medium grit diamond pad with a handheld rotary.

This was vax'd up, the floor mopped and allowed to dry.

As porcelain isn't porous, it was simply a matter of putting the blower on it for half an hour.

We then sealed the floor, seat and basin counter with a solvent-based sealer with a colour intensifier.

This really sharpened up the look of the room giving the blacks and greys a bolder look.


Brilliant service that completely cleaned the white deposits from our porcelain tiles, the grout and surrounds and returned both the floor and slate shelves to as good as new. Both Graham and Dave were excellent ambassadors for the company and we will certainly have Tile Doctor back when the floor needs resealing in two years time. 

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