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Limestone Floor Needing Cleaning & Sealing in Tonbridge


I was contacted by an expecting father of twins who was in the process of selling his stunningly decked out terraced house.

My daughter was working with me and we both agreed that we felt it was a shame that he had to sell.


As the floor was heavily soiled, we had to go through 5 sets of diamond pads instead of the more normal 4.

The first pad is quite aggressive and plenty of slurry was produced that had to be vax'd up before the next pad, and so on.

Once done, the grout was not only dirty but in a poor state and after cleaning the grout lines, approximately 1/5 of the lines needed replacing with jasmine grout.

Once done and we had cleared up for the day, we left for the tiles to start to dry out.

The following day, I returned alone and tested the tiles with a meter for moisture content. As it was below that threshold, I then performed a spray burnish with the 5th and final diamond pad. This puts a lovely sheen into the stone and preps it for sealing.

Two coats of a solvent-based, impregnator sealer that is considered a 'natural look' were applied. This is a great sealer as, once dried you would not know that anything has been applied. Yet it will protect your florr for 3 years if properly looked after.

If you have a limestone floor (or travertine, or marble plus a few others), the stone contains calcites that are acid sensitive. This means it will react to anything with an acid content (tea, coffee, wine, juice, soap, domestic cleaning products etc) and mark and stain.

It is highly advisable that these floors are kept topped up with a good sealer.



Graham responded to my initial email very quickly and arranged a site visit for within a matter of days. It was clear that he was incredibly knowledgeable about natural stone and porcelain tiles and how to address the issues that I had with each of them. The work which Graham undertook was truly excellent. He is a very high quality specialist tradesman who takes real pride in his work with incredible results and is very personable too. The limestone tiles in my kitchen were gleaming and have never looked so good and the travertine tiles in my garden too - absolutely transformational. He also made light work of the limescale staining on my bathroom porcelain tiles which look as good as new. I recommend Graham extremely highly to anyone requiring tile maintenance and restoration services.

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