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Professional Clean of Kitchen Porcelain Floor in Westerham, Kent


Semi-detached house in Westerham that had accumulated dirt from  muddy paws and boots.

The area under the rug showed how clean the floor should be setting the standards of our work.


Porcelain is a man-made tile and unlike natural stone, if it gets scratched, there's no coming back from it.

So, after cleaning the tiles with a strong alkaline solution, the same solution was used on the tiles bit a 17" nylon abrasive pad and not the diamonds pads we would normally favour.

Microporous porcelain tiles can be sealed but I tend to think that the value isn't there for the customer and to save their money.

Once we had mopped and vax'd up the dirty residue and got the industrial blower on it, the customer was very happy with the results.



Graham was great - gave really helpful advice on what could be achieved and was very professional in his work. Would definitely recommend.

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