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Stained Black Slate Bathroom in Maidstone, Kent


I was contacted by a lady in Maidstone who had a slate bathroom which had limescale stains on the walls and floor. She had no luck using regular cleaning products and in desperation had resorted to Google.

That's when she came across us!

We always perform a survey first - this is twofold: 1> I get to work out which of our many systems work best (as no two jobs are the same) and can price accordingly and 2> discuss all options available with the customer and they get to see what results they can expect.


The survey ascertained that the job would consist of a couple procedures:


A strong alkali cleaner would be needed to clean the brown grout lines.


An acid wash would be used to treat the limescale.

And a medium grit diamond pad was used for cleaning the tiles.


As slate is not as porous as other natural stones, I put the industrial drier to work in the bathroom and was able to get the tiles sufficiently dry to be able to seal the same day.

I opted for a solvent-based impregnator sealer which colour intensifies. This works particularly well with with black slate and the result is a really sharp and smart finish. See the customer feedback below!



Quick response to organise giving a quote. When I was sent the quote there were clear instructions and the date was made that worked best for us. Arrived on time and got on with the job quickly. Polite and hardly noticed I had someone else in the house. The tiles look fantastic and have come up really well. We were given clear instructions about letting it cure and solution to use to clean the tiles going forward. Really pleased with the result and felt the price was fair.

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