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Marked & Stained Travertine Table in Bromley, Kent


Travertine has to be my favourite natural stone but it does need looking after. It susceptible to acid damage and will mark and etch easily, if unsealed.

It would have to be classed as a high maintenance stone and it is important to use the appropriate cleaning products on it to keep it in the best condition possible for longest.


This was a case of cutting back the stone with a series of 6" diamond pads. This process is known as burnishing, or honing the stone.

You start with a fairly aggressive diamond pad which strips back any dirt, old sealers and hopefully gets deeper than the stains and marks are.

The following pads are successively finer in grade of diamond, which starts to close the pores that the aggressive pad has opened up.

This puts the stone's natural sheen back and makes it less absorbant tothe sealer to come and future staining.

A natural look, solvent-based sealer was used here which soaks into the stone before the solvent separates from the sealer.

Effectively, it protects the table from the inside, out.


Once dried, it is impossible to tell that a sealer has been applied leaving the table as it was meant to look. 

A final buff with a lambs wool pad gives the table the stunning high shine that you see.



Great service and a great price

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