About us

Being an ex-backpacker, I have never lost the wanderlust (nor wanted to) and having travelled for 3 years in a 5 year period, it became clear to me that I had an affinity with Africa.  I have since been back many times and each time there has been something new to be gained.


I was first introduced to Larry Norton through a mutual friend, war correspondent, journalist and international author Al J. Venter. The artist’s agent and I then began talking for many months discussing the prospect of us working together in a bid to offer Larry’s amazing range of African wildlife paintings to a wider audience abroad.

​That all came to fruition during a business trip to South Africa in August 2017 when my partner and I went to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe specifically to meet with him.

​Our first meeting with Larry was an inspiration: we were able to witness him at work in his delightful studio on the edge of the African bush. We met again at his gallery in one of Africa’s truly great and historical institutions, the century-old Victoria Falls Hotel, brainchild of Cecil John Rhodes.​

As a result, it was agreed that Continental Shift would be an approved vendor of Larry’s wildlife prints and it pleases me enormously that I now have one of his delightful works displayed on my living room wall.​

My trip to Victoria Falls went a lot further than a simple visit to one of the legendary settings in the heart of an exciting continent. Rather, Larry’s Africa is a very special place, complemented by his unique ability to capture so much of the real Africa that attracts people like me, and possibly, you...

Graham Davis

Founder & CEO, Continental Shift Ltd.