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Limescale Damaged Procelain Bathroom Floor in Tonbridge, Kent


A lawyer in Tonbridge had a problem with a build up of limescale due to particularly hard water in the area. There were also other stains and marks of unknown origin and she had neither the time nor the knowledge to put things right.


First, was to clean the grout lines with a strong alkaline cleaning solution scrubbed in with a wire brush and the lines came up satisfyingly well.


Next was the staining. The best way to treat limescale is with an acid wash.


I used this in conjunction with a silicone carbide 60 grit brush which got into the pores of the tiles where the worst of it collected.

So often is the case, when tiles are wet they look amazing and it's not until they dry can you see any imperfections. Or, in this case, whether I'd managed to remove all of the limescale on the first pass.

I had! After putting the industrial blower on the floor, it was already looking almost as good as new!

But, I felt I could still get a better result!

I then applied a thin layer of solvent-based, impregnator sealer with a colour intensifier.

This subtly deepens the colour and protects against dirt & possible further staining.

Now, it really did look as good as new!



Very happy with the job done by Graham! Professional and good service provided. Will definitely use them again in future.

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