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Deep Clean of Quarry Tiled Floor in Tonbridge, Kent


I was called to a lovely 17th century house in Tonbridge where part of an old sailing ship's woodwork (including its rudder!) had been integrated into the joists of the building.

The floor had been neglected over the years and now needed professionally restoring to complement the historic charm of the home.

Half sealed quarry floor_edited.jpg

Paint specks first needed removing using a gentle but effective sealer stripper.

Then, the grout lines were cleaned with a powerful alkaline cleaner and the same cleaner was used to buffer-scrub the tiles using a medium coarse, 17" soft diamond pad.

This is a wet system and therefore not a dusty process but before the sealing process could begin, the tiles had to be left for 2 days to dry out.

Two days later, I returned and after testing the moisture levels in the tiles, and happy they were dry enough, I set about sealing the floor.

I opted to use a topical sealer with a colour intensifier that gave the tiles a low sheen.

Three coats were needed and the customers were very happy with the results.

After providing advice for ongoing care and maintenance, this floor should be good for 3 years before it needs another facelift.



Very happy, Grahams a nice guy

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